Monday, August 16, 2010

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Sheilalitha cd parlor was founded in 2006 by the group of cd sisters in Chennai.
The concept was introduced by Sheila of London and conceptualized thoroughly by lalitha of Chennai. So, was the name ‘sheilalitha’.

Basically we  talk about cross dressing a lot, slowly it emerged as one to one counseling for cd sisters and then one fine day we thought we should visit a cd parlor as customer, so our founder Sheila went to a very famous cd parlor in London. She was very thrilled to see that the parlor was run by a couple and their siblings and lot of services were offered there. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and shared with me what she got in there, may be the money she spent was little higher.

We then sat and designed the whole concept of opening a parlor in Chennai. In the beginning stages it was run in our small apartment in tondiarpet...Slowly with the support of our cd sisters and clients we shifted to double bed room apartment where we are running it now. The neighbors till today doesn’t know that it was a parlor thus we keep the confidentiality of the clients. They know it as the bachelor’s accommodation.

Our sheilalitha offers several services like,

  • Cross dressing sessions
  • Cd to shemale special counseling(harmones/breast implantations/SRS)
  • Cross dressers festival tours(limited numbers only)
  • Separated packages for closet cd sisters
  • Cd sisters story sharing evening parties
  • Cd sisters and cd admirers exclusive parties
  • Weekend cd meets
  • Cd sisters from out stations can stay for one or two nights(charges extra)
  • Get to gather cd meet(*every second Saturday)
  • Make upand over make up for cd – classes(on demand)
  • Cding special counseling
  • Cd shopping
  • Bridal make up
  • Cding for fetish groups(hair,shoes,shocks,bra,panties,blouse,over make up etc.,)
  • Exclusive BDSM cding groups packages
  • Video coverage of whole cding with their camera
  • Photo shoot with their camera
  • Indian and imported wigs session
  • Indian cd session and international cd sessions
  • Exploring cding with different loks and costumes
  • Flowers and cding
  • Stockings and heels
  • Different accessories (Indian/bridal/traditional/housewife/drag queen),(western)
  • Make up(traditional-house wife/house maid/slut/working women/college girl/village girl/dancer)(western-queer/drag queen/classical/call girl)
  • Bindhis and hair dressing with stone studed and imported clips
  • Waxing,hair removal with razors and creams
  • Eye brows trimming and hiding thick ones with make up
  • Special Eye make up
  • Bangles and leg chains
  • Nail polishes of different shades
  • Glitters and body tattoos
  • Artificial eye lashes and nails
  • Lip art and glosses
  • Body massage and moisturizers (on demand)
  • Make up removal
  • Other services in the parlor
During the sessions/jokes/film watching/music(tamil,hindi and English songs),chatting(live and in computers)/singing and dancing /shopping /cooking/cleaning/sharing stories/being alone with cd admirers from outside(on demand)/clean toilets for bathing and washing inner wears…

Ask me more ……….our parlor is ready to do……..feel free to ask your doubts….

Contact us for more information…..

Lalitha 9841317312

Send your ordinary or cd photos to and book your cd session slots in advance..

Our services starts with Rs1000  onwards…

Our parlor is located very near to central railway station ( Rs 80 by auto and lot of bus services also available from central station to tondiarpet- 28/28a/32a/4/6a bus routes
Tondiatpet police station bus stop name)

From high court also number of buses and share auto services( Rs 10 for share auto)-56c/56d/6a/32a/44/56n-bus routes - Stopping tondiarpet market or police station

Parlor exactly located in tondiarpet market near by or Agastiya theatre back side street..